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Building Energy Audits

Kelcroft energy management solutions create the right strategies, saving you money and simultaneously helping reduce your energy and environmental footprint.

building energy audits, auditing building energy

Our energy specialists conduct building energy audits to track your energy consumption for efficient management of buildings in Hong Kong, China, and across Asia.

Advances in technology could be implemented today, saving future demand, and of course, your business saving money.

Key Benefit

Building energy audits offer the opportunity to lower your operating cost giving your business a hidden competitive advantage, savings can be used to lower your product cost - your competitors will never know how you managed to win more business.

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Energy Management

Our energy management consultancy services for buildings  encompass:

building energy audits drive energy costs lowers, energy efficiency and energy conservation for buildings reduces operating charges, increasing competitive advantage.

Building Energy Management

In commercial buildings approximately forty percent (40%) of the total energy cost is used to provide air-conditioning [1], smart energy conservation measures can drive your operating costs lower, and giving your business a competitive edge.

Reduced fossil fuel availability, coupled with Governmental and societal pressure will drive building owners to reduce energy consumption, lower Carbon Dioxide emissions. Whether these measures are implemented by constraining energy usage or perhaps implementing a carbon levy it is too early to say. What is certain is that fuel costs will continue to increase damaging the bottom-line.

building energy audits, auditing building energy consumption

Kelcroft uncovers energy savings opportunities for your business. Our international experience, unrivaled in Asia includes specialist engineering systems, such as boiler plant, process systems, steam, and condensate systems often found in most larger laundry and hotel facilities.

Environmental Benefits

Increasingly businesses seeking competitive advantages seek the benefits from lowering their environmental impact. More than 85% of all electricity generated is used by buildings [2], therefore energy efficiency programmes targeting buildings is effective measure to reduce local pollution.

Safety Benefits

One little discussed additional benefit from a Kelcroft energy audit is the fact that during the audit the engineering systems are inspected by experienced engineers who can recognize and report potentially dangerous situations. Typically every energy audit adds value uncovering defects and safety issues for your management team to rectify.

Further Information

If you want to lower the cost of doing business, or increase your green credentials call Kelcroft today, and start saving money tomorrow.


1. EMSD Hong Kong Energy End-use Data (1991 - 2001) 
2. EMSD building energy code consultation 2008


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