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Hong Kong Energy Audit

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Energy Audit Success Stories

Kelcroft has conducted EMSD energy audits for shopping centres, commercial buildings, and sports centres in Hong Kong. And for factories, offices, hotels, and retail in China.

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3.Hotel owner enjoys RMB 1,000,000 per year cost savings;

4.Without any investment Office building owner gains HK$ 72,000 per year benefit

5.Without investment shopping centre gains HK$ 100,000 per year;

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An energy audit is a powerful tool, recognised by fortune 500 companies and local companies alike, saving money and giving your business a competitive edge.

Kelcroft provides energy audits to lower operating costs without sacrificing occupational comfort.

Commissions undertaken range from the small energy assessments to major projects, includng the mandatory BEEO Building Energy Code energy audits and REA service.

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Energy Audit Process

The energy audit process is a systematic investigation following the Hong Kong building energy audit code:

  • Data Collection
  • Analysis
  • Report
    • Data Collection

      The first stage is the collection of information that impacts your energy costs, your utility bills, the engineering systems, operating hours, and the like. Followed by a site inspection of the facility.


      We analyze the data collected, including the energy consumption records, and compare the energy performance with published standards for your premises and activities of a similar nature.

      Energy Report

      The Kelcroft energy audit report provides the detail cost savings, the findings sub-divided into three energy management sections namely:

    • Housekeeping
    • Operational measures
    • Capital Works

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      Housekeeping measures are improvements involving virtually no cost, and involve relatively simple steps to start achieving energy savings. For example training courses to increase energy consumption awareness amongst your staff.

      Operational measures

      These improvements necessitate some change within your existing regime or maintenance strategy.

      Capital works

      Capital works would be major improvements to your premises or systems that will require significant expenditure.

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      Special Energy Audits

      Kelcroft has international experience neccessary to conduct special energy audits, including:

    • Lighting Audit
    • Factory Audit
    • Hotels
    • Museum
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