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Industrial Energy Audit to lower costs

John A. Herbert
by John A. Herbert

With decades of experience we assist business organisations to lower the cost of doing business, we help craft industrial energy strategies that save you money, lower energy consumption, and simultaneously reduces your environmental footprint.

Under the hammer to produce the issue and cost of utilities are often overlooked, a lost opportunity to boost profits.

Order an energy audit your factory, leaving you free to focus on production.

lowering costs for industry, factory

Our professional energy specialists advise help leverage cost savings, a business advantage, lowering your operating costs, and boosting the bottom-line.

Lost money can be saved through energy management

Don't get left behind

Consider two competing manufacturing companies A and B, creating similar products, having similar energy costs. Kelcroft's energy audit helps firm A lower its energy bills by 20% per year, the cost saving increases profitability, perhaps you lower the product cost, you can chose. And the competition will never know how you lowered your costs.

 lower manufacturing costs

Factory Design

Design decisions influence the running cost for the whole life of your factory, our energy experts can design cost efficient systems at the design stage.

Factory Steam Systems

Steam is one of the popular energy sources used in manaufacturing, yet millions of dollars are wasted every year due to poorly designed steam and condensate systems.

Kelcroft is one of a few firms that has steam and condensate expertise, call the Steam experts today.

Pollution Prevention

Preventing pollution in the first place is cheaper and simpler than trying to clean up afterwards. Consider PM2.5 preventing emissions is easier and cheaper than trying to clean the whole atmosphere after the fact.

Preventing chemicals entering a river is cheaper and easiler than trying to remove contamination once it is mixed with river water.

Add to that, there is growing pressure from the public for factory environmental responsibility, designing out problems will enhancing your business profile.

industrial energy, Hong Kong, China

Green Manufacturing

process systems including energy is the key concern for greening factories, our expereince includes special engineering systems for example compressed air, steam and water. Yet, old school factories are throwing dollars down the drain.

Benefits for Industrial Energy Audits

lower costs

the key benefit of energy auditing is the lower energy cost, reducing your expenses, and therfore boosting profits.

lower environment footprint

lower energy cost not only reduces your expenses, lower energy consumption also reduces GHG emissions.

competitive edge

lower energy bills provides owners with the choice and flexibility how to spend those savings, the savings are passed to customers, or perhaps

Call us or email today, and start saving money.

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