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Energy Audit Case Study I

energy audit case study
By John A. Herbert, REA

This energy audit case study is a sanitized part of a Hong Kong energy audit, it is only one element of a comprehensive energy audit report conducted by Kelcroft.

Date: September 2004
Location: Hong Kong
Type: Commercial Building

A Kelcroft energy audit conducted in Hong Kong uncovered several opportunities (EMO) to conserve energy, lower operating costs and saving money. One particular discovery, was particularly interesting and worth further review.

Energy auditing identifies energy savings lowering operating costs

The Kelcroft energy audit identified a condenser water circulation pump operating 24/7, twenty four hours per day seven days a week.

Investigation revealed that an automatic control system motor control panel had been modified, the controls bypassed.

Don't watch your profits go up in smoke

The interview provided no clues why this happened therefore it was not possible to establish how many years this pump had been operating continuously.

energy audit case study

Although we may never know the real reason, most likely the pump control circuit had been circumvented during maintenance activities as a temporary measure, however the work was never re-inspected to re-confirm that the control panel was properly reinstated after the works were complete.

Numerical Analysis

Energy conservation is economics driven activity, the goal to of the energy auditor is to identify and evaluate feasible energy cost savings, and their monetary value.

In this case, a risk free corrective action saved more than HK$30,000 per annum.

Energy auditing identifies energy cost and energy savings

Customer comfort and service standard would not be affected.

Restoring the correct operating mode extended the economic lifespan of the pump, and associated services, helping to lower operating expenses (OPex).

Energy Audit Case study web page by John A. Herbert

Saving waste benefited the environment too, this corrective action would also save approximately 18,000 kg of carbon dioxide (saved GHG emissions) every year, thats equal to saving 41 standard barrels of oil/year.


So what lesson can be learned? This Kelcroft energy audit including site inspection is essential to ensure equipment is operating at their peak efficiency. Don't overlook the small issues, all equipment large or small operating unnecessarily wastes money and increaes energy costs.

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