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Energy Audit Case Study III

energy audit case study
by John A. Herbert

This energy audit case study is a sanitized part of an energy audit conducted in Hong Kong. It is only one element from comprehensive energy audit report covering several buildings on the site conducted by Kelcroft E&M Limited.

Date: July 2008
Location: Hong Kong
Type: Leisure/clubhouse

A Kelcroft energy audit uncovered several opportunities to save money. One particular discovery, is an interesting an example.

hong kong energy audit case study

The Kelcroft energy audit uncovered an alarming fact all the external lighting fittings (security lighting) were operating during daylight hours.


A new building that had been commissioned only months before was found with external lighting operating during a bright sunny afternoon.

This is common finding.

Numerical Analysis

Energy auditing is economics driven activity, the goal of the energy audit, to identify feasible energy opportunities that provide cost savings.

hong kong, energy audit case study

This lighting circuit needs to be modified and controlled by a photocell. Calculations indicated that corrective action would save more HK$2,700 per annum.


We realize that HK$ 2,700 is not a significant amount, however energy audits idendify hundreds of small costs savings, and together that is a consderable sum every year!

Plus, if operated correctly the lamps would not require frequent replacement, increasing the lifespan.

Since operating requirements and characteristics of buildings are not static, they vary throughout the life of a building, its a timely reminder to conduct an energy audit. Call Kelcroft to order your energy audit today!

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