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Energy Audit Case Study IV

energy audit case study
By John A. Herbert, REA

This brief is part of an energy audit report, one out of hundred of recommendations from Kelcroft's energy audit report.

Date: July 2011
Location: Hong Kong
Type: Shopping Centre

Kelcroft's energy auditing uncovered pages of EMO's with opportunities to save money. This is only one example from the list given to the client.

hong kong energy audit case study

Kelcroft's energy audit uncovered that the VSD's operating the air conditioning AHU's were not working as intented.


An existing shopping centre had been renovated, and VSD's were fitted to the air conditioning AHU's and PAU's fans. The inital energy analysis revealed some unepected results.

energy audit case study

The VSD's were not connected to the building BMS, so the data was extracted from the VSD internal memory.

From the data, shown in the chart above, the daily air flow was pattern was continuous, not the variable flow expected. This lead us to our finding that the VSD control circuitry was faultly.

Finanical Analysis

The purpose of energy auditing is to identify feasible energy and cost saving opportunities, and the energy auditor prepares a report listing all these EMO's (Energy Management Opportunities).

The faulty VSD control circuit needed to be repaired, and by calculations the energy saving would be HK$50,000 per annum.


That is one EMO, out of hundred EMO's that provide cost savings! Call Kelcroft to order your energy audit today!

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