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Energy Management

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by John A> Herbert

That energy is essential is a given without it no company would be in business. Therefore all businesses already manage their energy quotient to some extent, if only to ensure it is available.

Beyond that basic requirement, decisions regarding energy management and opportunities will depend on how significant the cost and environmental effects of energy are to business operations, broader business strategy and positioning considerations.

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What is clear is that the increasing cost of energy has focused boardroom attention on their energy needs, surely the new buzzword of 2006 was energy security.

Kelcroft helps organisations navigate through the energy minefield providing custom advice to help your business reduce it save money. We develop timely and appropriate energy management and conservation strategies that will improve the bottom-line, without sacrificing your operations.

energy management hk

Investing in your business and energy measures requires forward thinking, there are many good reasons to commission Kelcroft as your trusted energy consultant, we help dramatically improve your bottom-line which is better for your business, stakeholders, and stockholders.

Consider this, EPA calculates that saving just $1 through energy conservation measures is equivalent to $85 profit, 85:1 is a good return.

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Recently investment analysts stunned the business community when their research that uncovered a profitability trend. Energy smart organisations always outperformed their competitors in the stock market - energy conservation actually increased shareholder value!

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Another example, DuPont expected to save the equivalent of 18 million tons of carbon (CO2) by 2000 through simple measures that will also save US$31 million each year.

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And you don't need to be DuPont to realize profitable gains, call Kelcroft for advice to help unearth energy savings.

Click here to learn more about Kelcroft's energy consultant's and energy conservation help your business (PDF 1 page)

The hospitality, industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors all can benefit from smarter, energy wise systems.

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Lowering energy needs is truly a win-win scenario, you lower your operating costs increasing profitability and environmental pollution is reduced. If your competitors costs are lower, they are more profitable - have you already been left behind? Catch up, call Kelcroft's energy experts today. Click here to learn more about Kelcroft's energy auditing (1 page, PDF)

Energy Losses

Every organisation has a hidden resource that is difficult to identify without the right tools and expertise, Kelcroft 's energy mining uncovers the lost profits from the waste, don't get left behind....

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