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Hospital Energy Management

Kelcroft energy management solutions create the right strategies, saving money and simultaneously helping reduce your environmental footprint.
healthcare energy management - lowering hospital energy bills

Our energy specialists drive adoption of energy consumption and energy performance standards for the audit, design, construction, refurbishment and management of the healthcare facilities and hospitals in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

Advances in technology can be implemented today, saving future demand, and of course, saving money.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy audit and management consultancy services encompass:

Smart energy conservation measures drive your operating costs lower, and giving your organisation a competitive edge.

Reduced fossil fuel availability, coupled with Governmental and societal pressure will drive building owners to reduce energy consumption, lower Carbon Dioxide emissions. Whether these measures are implemented by constraining energy usage, or perhaps implementing a carbon levy it is too early to say. But what we do know that energy costs are rising, and like other resources need to be managed.

energy conservation measures Hospitals and healthcare, energy auditing, energy management

hospital and healthcare premises energy audits drive energy costs lowers, energy efficiency and energy conservation for hotels reduces operating charges, increasing competitive advantage.

Energy healthcare

Kelcroft uncovers energy saving opportunities that don't influence patient care, our expertise gained from hospital and healthcare engineering design provides us with unsurpassed hospital knowledge, covering systems such as steam, condensate, boilers, and process gas systems.

Further Information

For further information regarding Kelcroft's services, call today, our Hong Kong office telephone: +(852) 2335 9830, send us a fax +(852) 2335 9862, or send us an email message

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