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Hotel Energy Audits by John A. Herbert

Energy management is good for business, Kelcroft's energy services create the right energy strategies, saving your hotel money and simultaneously helping reduce your environmental footprint, particularly relevant for hotels and resorts with intense energy consumption.

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Our energy specialists perform energy audits, design, construction, refurbishment and management of the hotels and resorts in Hong Kong, China, and across Asia.

We help and advise client to take advantage of new technology can be implemented today, saving future demand,and of course, saving your organisation money.

In commercial buildings approximately forty percent (40%) of the total energy cost is used provides air-conditioning [1], but our research shows the actual percentage is much higher. Smart energy conservation measures can drive your operating costs lower, and giving your business a competitive edge.

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Save Today!

Customers, Government and society are pressing hotels to reduce energy consumption, and lower Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Whether these measures are implemented by tax, tariffs, or perhaps through a carbon tax its too early to say. In other countries, like the United Kingdom, carbon taxes have been introduced, putting price on Carbon, creating and driving the market for improved hotel energy efficiency.

Many hotels already operate energy efficiency equipment, but are often disappointed with the actual results, for example, heat pumps. Our independant energy expertise is invaluable to review and optimise these systems to improve your ROI.

hotel energy audit, energy conservation

hotel energy audits drive energy costs lowers, energy efficiency and energy conservation for hotels reduces operating costs, increasing competitive advantage.

Hotel Cooling Tower Audit

Kelcroft undertakes cooling tower Audits for EMSD compliance and uncovers energy saving opportunities...... learn more

Hotel Energy Conservation

Our energy management consultancy services encompass the systems found in hotels including kitchens, laundries, etc.

Hotel Expereince

Our decades of experience that shapes us, Kelcroft has the capacity to uncover energy saving opportunities for your hotel or resort hotel because our international experience is unrivaled in Asia, our in-house experts specialist engineering systems include:

  • heating systems
  • swimming pool systems
  • laundry systems
  • oil, gas, and coal fired boiler plant
  • steam and condensate systems

Registered Energy Assessor (REA) hotel expereince

We have in house REA (Registered Energy Assessor) with hotel expereince, our expereince is our own.

Hotel Energy Adviser

With decades of experience Kelcroft is well positioned to be your energy adviser for hotels, resorts,

What next?

Start saving money, call Kelcroft today!

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1. EMSD Hong Kong Energy End-use Data (1991 - 2001)
2.  p2e2 is pronounced p-squared e-squared.


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