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Industrial Process Audit

By John A. Herbert | Director

Improving your organisations bottom line, and lowering your costs provides a hidden competitive advantage that you can leverage over your competitors.

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Kelcroft's industrial process expertise helps create the right strategies to save you money, increase your profits, that in turn also lowers your environmental footprint.


Ever wondered how you can find similar production facilities, but one still has lower costs than another? Smart managers realise that effective waste and energy management strategies can benefit the bottom-line year after year. And Kelcroft's expertise helps your organisation build a better more sustainable business that enjoys less waste and lower fuel consumption. Your business benefits from lower your costs, lower environment impact, and you gain that critical hidden competitive advantage.

Production processes have a significant energy component, simply reducing it without effecting production lowers your expenses, and increasing profit. Kelcroft energy expertise tracks down and identifies waste, often saving 20-40% of your energy usage. In an era of increasing energy costs can you afford not too?

Sustainable Processes

It is more than energy, Kelcroft's expertise goes beyond the standard energy audit, thinking outside the box offers more sustainable lower operating cost solutions.

it is our ability to innovate that separates Kelcroft from the rest

For example, processes create waste, it is unavoidable, however the quantity and quality of the waste is an critical factor often over looked. For example, solutions include a bio-gas system using what was once consider the unavoidable "waste product". The cost of disposal is lowered, and the fuel lowers your fuel and utility charges. Other processes requiring heating, such as ovens are energy intensive - Kelcroft creates cost effective alternatives, that often can actually speed throughput.

It is our ability to innovate that separates Kelcroft, creating sustainable solutions optimise the best use of energy, no matter what its form.

Competitive Advantage

Alternately, you might pass those savings to your customers, helping to earn more business - your competitors will never know how you managed to significantly lowered your costs.

Our expertise covers key systems found in industrial processes, including compressed air, steam and condensate, and process systems.

factory process manufacturing energy waste audits drive energy costs lower, energy efficiency and energy conservation audits for your factory reduces operating charges, increasing competitive advantage.

Kelcroft can uncover energy savings opportunities for your managers to implement. Kelcroft can also help implement those energy savings too. It does pay to get expert advice - consult the experts.

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It Well that is a simple and often asked question - the answer is equally simple - it is good business sense, increasing shareholder value and profitability for your business, and importantly your lowering environmental impact.

Also the Chinese government, in the NPC 11th five year plan (or perhaps five year programme is now the more accurate term) mandates that industry shall cut energy usage by twenty percent (20%) - call Kelcroft today to start to lower your energy consumption and earning more profit.

Further Information

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