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Carbon Management - Verification

Kelcroft independently verifies carbon audits. 

Our carbon (GHG) verification service is a vital part of every carbon audit. Government recommends that Carbon Audits are independanly verified before release to the general public. 

Kelcroft is independent, we assess and verify that the protocal and results from carbon management projects, energy performance contracts and carbon audits.

Our director John Herbert is a member of the EVO (Energy Valuation Organisation), the organisation created the internationally recognized M&V protocol for various types of energy improvement projects.

Independent Measurement and Verification, M and V, M&V

What is M&V?

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is the measuring and verification of the actual energy savings that occur during a specified period.  Kelcroft's engagement as your independent M&V consultant ensures: 

  • Right M&V Protocol selected
  • Confirms actual not estimated energy savings

M&V measure and verify measurement and verification

Carbon Protocols

To ensure the method for assessing the actual energy savings are based on a common language and framework, M&V protocols need to be developed included in the project.

In business financial accounts are created and then audited based a set of agreed accounting standards. Its the same for energy, where finances are based on a common accounting standard, carbon and energy also have a protocol. 

This is necessary to avoid unnecessary debate, and confusion after installation is already complete. And it also means that the M&V auditor can determine if the required sensors, and metering equipment to achieve the require result is provided within the installation.

Consider an energy project to upgrade the air conditioning system, every month the weather, and therefore the energy consumption will vary in accordance with the season. The M&V protocol sets out the agreed formula to calculate, the energy savings beforehand. Since the method is agreed in advance, the contractor installing the equipment knows what savings need to be achieved and how they will be assessed.

Other related Services

Kelcroft is an experienced provider of energy related services include:

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We will work with the team to establish the independent M&V for your energy saving project and check that the promised energy savings are delivered to your business.